Throughout history humans have always been fascinated with trees. They provide us with food, shelter, and lots more. There are indigenious people's from all over the world that have had close connections with trees and depended on them for herbal remedies and more. But somewhere along the line humans as a whole have lost touch with our giant neighbors.


Black Willow

So.....what exactly are native trees? Native trees are trees that naturally occur within an environment without any human influence. So for example.. There's a tree called the Red Maple and a there's a tree called the Japanese Maple. The Red Maple is native to east America while the Japanese Maple is native to Japan. Plants that aren't native are called exotic plants. Here's a list of some common native trees of America.

Now...these trees are all native to America, but they're not all native to the same regions and climates. For example, the Joshua Tree can be found in the south western deserts of Arizona and California. It can survive extreme heat and dryness. Where as a Sugar Maple would be found mostly in the midwest, northeast, and mid-atlantic region of the country. It can survive harsh winters and even some heat but it would die if it were in a desert or tropical climate.

Environmental Issues

Trees have multiple threats and many are in danger of becoming extinct due to many of the things humans do. An obvious threat is the rapid deforestation happening all over the country. Many forests have become nothing but concrete deserts. Here are some of the most common issues facing trees.